Mobile Friendly Websites

With today’s proliferation of mobile devices, it has become very important for your business website to seamlessly support smartphones, tablets, & desktops and provide a great user experience on all devices. Our elegant Responsive Designs solve these challenges.

Optimized for Smartphones, Tablets, & Desktops

Is your website mobile friendly?

Are you mobile friendly?

Our high quality mobile friendly websites are built on a responsive framework so that they look great on the smartphones, tablets, & desktops. The same content is displayed correctly on all devices and dynamically rearranged so that the user doesn’t need to zoom and scroll right & left to view the content. If your website is not responsive & mobile friendly, you are losing potential customers!

  • 28% of Internet usage comes from mobile phones.
  • 50% of searches for local businesses are performed on mobile devices. Amazon reported that more than half of their customers used a mobile device to shop during the 2013 holiday season.
  • 62% of companies increased sales after upgrading to a responsive website that is mobile friendly.

Search Engine Friendly — Google Loves These Sites

Our sites are built to the latest standards for code & the search engines.

Converts Prospects to Customers

We have tested and optimized our designs to quickly capture visitor interest so that they are more likely to become buyers and increase your sales & profits.

Latest HTML5 Standard

HTML5 is cross-platform and looks great on desktops, tablets, & smartphones. Our sites also look great in either portrait or landscape mode on tablets & smartphones.


When a prospect visits your site with their mobile phone, they can simply “Tap On Your Phone Number” to quickly call you. Tap on our phone# in the top header to see how this works on your smartphone.

One-Click Google Maps Driving Directions

Integrated Google Maps and one click driving directions help prospects & customers easily find you, even on their smartphone.

Optimized Designs

Help your business stand out from the crowd

Stand Out from Crowd

We have 5 different Optimized Responsive Design Layouts that you can select from to help your business stand out from the crowd. Each design works equally well on the desktop, tablets, & smartphones. Click on any of these designs to explore how your website will look. The design you select is customized with content specific to your unique business.

As you scroll down beyond these 5 Designs, you will see that they have been further Optimized for Specific Businesses.

Design 1

Local Business Website Design 1

Design 2

Local Business Website Design 2

Design 3

Local Business Website Design 3

Design 4

Local Business Website Design 4

Design 5

Local Business Website Design 5

Optimized for Specific Businesses

Each of the above 5 Design Layouts has been additionally optimized to speak the language of the following Specific Businesses. When you select one of these Design Layouts, we will further customize it to match your unique business. You will know ahead of time what your new website will look like, what it will cost, and that it will be delivered within 3 to 6 weeks.

Fully Customized Mobile Friendly Websites

When your requirements don’t fit into one of the above Design Layouts, we can design & implement a Fully Customized Mobile Friendly Website to meet your specific business needs. Take a look at the Clients page for examples.

With the proliferation of mobile devices, it has become ever more important that your business site fully support smartphones, tablets, & desktops with the same content across all devices. Our Responsive Designs elegantly solve this challenge and provide a great user experience.

We will be happy to review your requirements, provide a design that meets your needs, quote a fixed price investment, and implement a quality site that can be found by the search engines.